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access code changes on TP's

Hi everyone
Here is a really neat problem that I ran across a little while ago. The 'access code' to the TP would change from what it was to '3' At first I thought the CMOS batteries, power glitch, client tampering, the usual stuff. It turns out that if you leave the the TP on the 'code' page in the setup section and the TP times out(sleeps) the code is reset to '3' I' ve talked to AMX about this and it appears to be a firmware issuse. The easiest fix is to turn the 'timer' up so the panel won't sleep while your working on it. This problem affects ver 3 + TP's. I am not sure about Modero's but have tried my pre-ver 3(don't laugh to much, its old but it works and it was free) and the problem did not appear. Just a neat little problem that can have you bald in no time.
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