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MVP-7500 Wifi question

Is there a way when an MVP-7500 is connected to an Access Point and switches to another AP to get that information from the panel?
For example it would be ideal to be able to get the AP's name and store it inside the NI and when that name changes a popup window would appear to the user and inform him of the change.



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    vincenvincen Posts: 526
    Two ways to do that:

    You can request from AP if they are compatible for that list of devices connected and so you can know if MVP is connected on which one.

    You can also setup each AP to be a DHCP server in a different range of IP for its wireless clients, and so you can check IP of MVP and know on which one it is connected. Inconvenient: ICSP connection will drop few seconds each time you change of AP, and so states of buttons will be lost on MVP.

    Hope it helps

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    How about setting up a button on the touchpanel using address port 0 (setup port), and address code 'secondary network interface->Access Point MAC address' ? That will give you the access point MAC ID to which the panel is connected. You can just leave the button visible for MAC address status indication in a corner of the panel somewhere, then the client won't have to deal with a pop-up everytime the WAP changes.

    -- John
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    I'm afraid the mac address only changes when you are in the wireless setup page.That's what the AMX guys told me
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