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Video Conferencing Equipment Recommendations


The company that I work for is looking for a good video conferencing setup to interface on one end with AMX. Does anyone have any experience with this?

This is basically a video phone, probably PC to AMX with Video showing on a desktop style 12" Modero.

What I'm really curious about is the video camera and microphone on the AMX end.

If anyone has any recommendations on this, I would love to hear them, as I'm the programmer and would like to know what I'm up against.

We do residential programming only, and this is the first time one of our customers wanted this between his two homes.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions.


  • Tandberg... All you need to know...
  • Bryan Mitchell, not only is he a Tanberg person, he is also is one of the best AMX/them programmers in Canada. I believe that he also helped or had a say in the Tandberg protocol.
  • We do both and have had good luck with both.
  • Frankie wrote:
    We do both and have had good luck with both.

    Both what? :)

    - Chip
  • Sorry... Both Tandberg and Polycom.
  • If you're using a modero that has an RGB input card, and there is already a computer nearby, you could consider using a PC-based application from Polycom or VCon, which only requires the use of a small web camera. Your control would be via G4CC to control the PC and the application.

    If you're considering using a hardware-based video codec, consider one available from Polycom or Tandberg. These are much larger devices, but could be remotely mounted and controlled by a netlinx module. There are both set-top and rackmount codecs available that can use either S-Video or VGA for video output. You will need an NTSC camera, a microphone, and a line-level microphone pre-amplifier to connect to most (but not all) systems. Be very careful looking at inputs, outputs, and RS-232 port availability, as this varies between models.

    Polycoms come with a proprietary microphone that connects with a proprietary cable to the system, with additional line-level inputs for microphones/mixers. Tandbergs use any professional microphone.

    Both Polycom and Tandberg also offer 15-17" LCD integrated desktop videoconferencing units that double as computer monitors. There's no serial control available, though.
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