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Rotel with RS232

Hi everybody

I looked Rotel module refered de jeffaco, but tey are not for my models, I suppose as each model has the specific module, and I have to tell you as I have to learn to work with module.

In the other time, after installation of all system, ( RS232 command for Vidikron projector Ir for Rotel units) all work well exept my Rotel DVD.

I followed Rotel protocol and command listing, but it donsen't work. The RX TX led on master blink ( RX some time only). My serial cable seem good...

Somebody can help me ?


  • One of the things that I had to do to get a Rotel DVD Player to work with AMX is to throw out the cable they sent with it. You need to have a cable that matches their specs on the programming sheet. The cable they provide has too many wires and you'll never get feedback into AMX with it. The master will automatically think that it's a different type of protocol because of how many wires are active. (I called Rotel about this, and that's basically what they had told me)

    So, that's one thing that may cause problems in the near future, but I don't know if that really answers the question you had.

  • By the way,

    Which model DVD Player are you working with?

    - jeff
  • Here's the link to the cable pinout you should be using:


    It's worked for me to just use pins 3, 4, and 5 on the RS-232 end, without having to double up on the ground as shown in the guide.

    Like I said before, this is only for the feedback side of things, you should be able to communicate just fine with the one that it comes with. But, since you're using RS-232, you might as well get the most out of it.

  • DenisDenis Posts: 163

    Tanks Mdnitehk

    My problem was my port communication setting, I wrote wrong baud rate

    DVD model is RDV1060

  • jeffacojeffaco Posts: 121
    It's been a little while since I worked with Rotel. But, as I recall, all of their RS-232 stuff is *SIMILAR* (not exact, but similar).

    End result: If you have the protocol document for the piece of equipment you're looking at, it's easy to the the module up on SourceForge to work with the piece of equipment (in general).

    The Rotel has some basic stuff in the header and, to keep things messy, various models differ in EXACTLY where that stuff appears. If you look at the source code of the module on SourceForge, you'll note that I spent a fair chunk of time supporting one particular component, and then changing it to support an additional component was pretty trivial.

    I even included notes (in comments) on how to extend the module to support additional models.

    My suggestion:

    1. My first statement stands: You get MUCH better control via RS-232 rather than via I/R. I strongly recommend that you use RS-232, you'll be much happier,

    2. Contact Rotel and ask for the protocol document for the piece of equipment you're trying to control,

    3. Look at the source code and extend it, following the comments, for the new piece of equipment you're looking at. The "nasty" stuff (checksums, dealing with braindead protocols because of poor communications protocols, etc) should all just work.

    Of course, if you do extend the module, we'd all be quite thankful if you submitted the modified module back to me. I'd be happy to post the new sources up on SourceForge, and that way, we could all benefit.


    -- Jeff
  • DenisDenis Posts: 163

    Thanks Jeffaco

    As you see I,m newbie in this world, I'm not professional programmer but I followed installer and programer level one AMX trainning. For the moment I have to learn to work with module.

    Be sure as your help is very appreciate and if for any reasons I modify your module, I will advise you

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