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G3 Web Control Support in Netlinx 3.xx


When 3.xx firmware was released, a tech note said that G3 Web Control would be re-implemented in a later revision of 3.xx

Has any movement been made on "bringing back" G3? I have quite a few systems that still run version 2 due to needing G3 Web Control.



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    It will work with v3.xx also. The folders are still there and the G3 WebControl will still work. Just browse directly to the subfolders, or create an own website with links to them.

    Here at Comm-Tec we are running G3WC with v3 master for months without any problems, and I also know that several of our dealers are using it in the field. At one installation we had several problems with G3WC under v2 firmware, but with v3 it works pretty well now....
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