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MVP External Buttons

Has anyone had any issues with the external buttons not working? particularly the four buttons on the left (the 'joystick' button on the right works fine)

When I first loaded my tp4 file into this panel, the external buttons were working fine. Then after a couple loads, they stopped working all of the sudden. :(

I had contacted tech support on this issue and after some troubleshooting proceedures,and me sending the tp4 file to tech support (external buttons do work on their panel) they have come to the conclusion that the panel itself has a problem. Result, RMA. So the job I'm working on has more than one MVP, so I load the same exact TPD4 file into another panel and the external buttons on it do not work either. :confused:

Is it possible that there is a 'bad batch' of MVPs with faulty external buttons?

The strange thing is that pressing the bottom buttons on both sides still takes the panel into setup mode.

BTW, I have loaded the latest firmware on these panels.


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    kkettreykkettrey Posts: 13
    I have found that this problem exist only after you have used the external buttons to enter SETUP mode. Reboot the panel and see what happens. Most likely, your external button functionality will work again (until you used the external buttons to enter setup again)

    I suggest adding a setup button to one of your pages, just as we had to do with Pre-Modero panels, so that you won't be tempted to hold those two buttons down again.

    Please let me know if this helps.

    Good luck,

    Kyle Kettrey
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