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Residential Website

Are there any plans to modify the current residential website? I am hearing from my boss that a few clients have expressed frustration with finding information on the AMX website. I am not sure if they weren't able to navigate to the residential section, if they weren't able to locate the information they were looking for or any other specifics (I'm working on obtaining this), but I've heard my boss comment on this fact more than a few times in the last couple weeks.

The biggest thing I heard today was that the website is great for commercial clients, but seems clumsy and unpolished for residential clients.

I just took a brief look at the website and I didn't have much trouble getting to the residential page, but I don't have time at the moment to take an indepth look at it. I will see if I have some free time in the next few days to clarify the issues we/our clients are experiencing.



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    Tell Us More!

    We'd love to hear any content/feature requests you need for the site. We do have a clear understanding that the navigation and access to contents, specifically product information access, can be improved, but we always welcome additional feedback.
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    Can you please tell me where to find the residential section
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    Residential Page


    Or, go to AMX.com | Consumers | Residential
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    mpullinmpullin Posts: 949
    The first thing I noticed when I went to the residential site is that the Flash banner has a bar that says "drag me" which does not move when dragged.

    It's not clear why Flash is used in this instance. Why not have a straight image there?
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    Flash, and more ???s

    Those Flash banners at the top of the page normally do scroll; we'll look into why they are not working at the moment.

    I know we've touched on these types of questions before, but what types of content are missing from the site? What could help you do your jobs better - not just for the technical side (although I want to hear that too), but to help you sell? If you wanted to send your customers to our website, what would you want them to see that we could add or improve?
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    Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    One thing I heard from my boss was: What does AMX do and why should I consider buying AMX brand?

    I still haven't had a chance to really check out the site, but as soon as I do, I will post anything else I can see.

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    Here is what I think it is missing:

    1) For end users (residential), the main products should be displayed right on the first page. AMX has a beautiful Line of Modero touch panels, but none is displayed on the residential site just the old G3 viewpoint and if your Flash banner scrolls you will see a 10" G3 panel. Where are the Moderos??? You could select the AMX LITERATURE link and a bounch of pdf files are available. However, remember the attention span of web users, If they need to download pdf files and then search for products, they may give up and look at the competition.

    2) We should have a link on the residential page called PRODUCTS which takes the end user to a page where the Modero and Netlinx products are displayed. Remember the old saying a PICTURE is worth a 1000 words. You don't need to display all the tech info, just the basic stuff with nice pictures.

    3)Nothing wrong on the current demos available on the residential site, but they should be a secondary subject not the main one. Use FLASH to show Modero touch panels and MIO keypads, bring the same excitement that we dealers see on the AMX product line to the end user. If you show, they will buy. Nowadays, the Web is a vital research tool. I use it to read reviews, get info and in most cases it helps me to decide on what to buy.

    4) Some of my potential clients complained that they couldn't see the products that I was trying to sell them on the AMX web site. Again the residential site doesn't show the current products, only deep inside the pdf files under the AMX LITERATURE.

    I believe I lot of the residential dealers will agree with the above topics. AMX, show your products to the World, and I am sure you will sell much more.

    Even on my small company web site I try to expose my user interfaces to the end users: www.advancedanomaly.com. The competition is doing a good job showing their products. AMX needs to catch up and we all can benefit from it. I hope the above helps...

    Ricardo W. Siqueira
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    Thank you!

    Excellent input, all of which we have incorporated into our plans. Thanks!!
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