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Problem to connect between two router


I have two router connected together, both with different ip. Router number 1 is connected to internet, router number 2 ( wan ) connected in router number 1 in port 4

When I connect my PC in anyone port on router number two, I can get ( over the internet, htpp//:...etc... ) Webcontrol master page and I can click on link to get a view of my MVP8400 panel, vnc ask pass word and give acces to panel.

When I connect in router number one, I can get web control master page too but I can't get my view panel.

In the other time, I loose the internet connection complety. Durring all day I got my web connection and at the end of afternoon, i got this problem

Somebody can hlep me ?


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Make certain only one has it's DHCP server turned on; it's probably easiest to make it the one that has the physical Internet connection. By default, new routers usually have DHCP activated. If neither has DHCP on, or you don't intend to use DHCP, make sure the one that has the Internet connection is specified as the gateway on all your devices.

    I would question using two routers on the same network in any case, unless you intend to create a physical subnet. Personally, I would only leave one in, and replace the other with a switch.
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    pauldpauld Posts: 106
    A router is intended to move traffic from one subnet to another subnet. Consumer grade routers will not connect 2 portions of the same subnet, if you are using the WAN port. If you are just using the LAN ports then you are not using the router at all and are instead using the switch that is built in to the router. This, of course, will connect 2 portions of the same subnet together.

    The quickest way to make your configuration work is to move the connection from router 2 (Wan) port to router 2 (LAN) port, if router 2 has a Uplink port then i would use that. Also Like DHawthorne said you want to turn off the DHCP server on router 2.

    This will put all devieces on both routers on the same subnet, and should solve your connection problems

    If you can not spare a LAN port on router 2 and must use the WAN Port, then the router 2 LAN ports on MUST be on a different subnet (AKA network) then router 1. The WAN port on router 2 must be set as a client for router 1 network. Also you will have to Disable the Firewall inside router 2, so the traffic can move from network to network. However there are limitations with this type of network configuration. Windows File sharing will not see any computer on a another subnet, for example (without a server that is).

    If that sounds like a hassle, then i would suggest following DHawthorne's suggestion, dump router 2 and get a switch instead.
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    DenisDenis Posts: 163
    Router problems

    Tanks Guys!

    I used two routers because I have it and Dlink support told me as I can use them in my configuration without problems. I will replace the second router by a switch unit, do new ip config in netlinx system and will do test.

    I will give you feedback soon

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    DenisDenis Posts: 163
    router problems

    Hi everybody

    Now all works well

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