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VG Serie Panels

I've installed a VG serie touchpanel with mouse and keyboard on the USB sockets, for remotecontrol the office pc, over breakout box. Its very simple to send the command 'passtru' keyboard and mouse to the panel, but it does'nt work well.

1. default it will take the american keyboard and we've got a problem in Switzerland.... i've change the keyboard layout and now it is useful.

2. the larger problem is a blockade of a letter or the pointer of mouse.
It is possible that I write a screen full of k or the pointer of mouse moves over the whole screen.

I think thats a firmware bug of the VG Panel...

Does someone know this problem?

Are there solutions?

Thanks for answers...


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    I have not used the USB ports yet, but I suggest you forward your prblem to AMX technical support for an answer.
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