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Q: NI700 & Axcent3 (slave mode)

We are looking for a way to remotely monitor all our classroom data projectors, and are trying to build a case for MeetingManager. An NI-700 per classroom seems suitable.

We currently use Axcent3s in our lecture theatres, which will also need to be integrated into the monitoring system. I have suggested that we put the Axcent3s into slave mode, and hook up an NI-700 to them (via AXlink) to do all the control. How have others found this type of configuration? We've heard that some people are not happy with the data throughput on AXlink. I don't know how chatty their system was.

I've had a play around with an NI-3000 & Axcent3, but that was only on a test bench. Any real-world feedback would be appreciated. If the slave mode approach is not rock-solid reliable, we will simply have to replace the Axcent3s with NI-3000s. I'm just trying to keep costs down where possible.

Roger McLean.


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    Perfect Solution

    This upgrade path is ideal and should work perfectly.

    All the Meeting Manager traffic will be via IP leaving Axlink and RS232 for projector communication.

    Use with confidence!
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    A good way to go. I have quite a few systems out there with multiple Axcent 3s in slave mode on Netlinx masters. The setup will be as reliable as your Axlink wiring.

    Be sure to set your Axcent 3s to an appropriate base channel number for your system.
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    Ditto here, although the handful of systems I've done this with pre-dated the NI series - they were all ME260's...

    As long as the Axcent3's don't have any high-baudrate & very chatty RS232 devices, (like, Gentner units & perhaps VTC codecs) you shouldn't be over-taxing Axlink.

    - Chip
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    Hi Roger
    Were in the process of doing exactly the same as you, NI-700's hooked to our old Axcent III with classroom manager to monitor 100+ rooms. I haven't seen the Axlink issue probley because I hooked all of the chatty stuff to the RS-232 ports on the NI-700 and left the quiet stuff on the Axcent III. Have you considered trying this approach? Also do you write or own code or use modules? I tend to write all my code to help lower alot of un-neccesary talk. I have the projector hooked to the NI-700, and the 2'nd com port open for either a camera, doc cam, etc. The Axcent III has the screen/system power relays, switcher(which usually has very small comands to control) and the IR devices, so there is really not much chatter on the axlink to and from the Axcent III.
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    annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    Thank you all for your replies.

    I like the idea of putting data projectors on the NI-700 ports to reduce AXlink usage. That makes good sense. We have two projectors per theatre, so that would take up both the NI-700 ports. No great drama there though.

    I write my own modules for the projectors, since they seem to be very fickle with timing. (Projector comms go offline during warmup, etc.) Since we intend to use MM for theft alarms, I don't want to cause a panic every time the projector warms up.

    Roger McLean.
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