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NI firmware update needed

It's been several weeks since this issue was raised, but having to deal with it on a constant basis is getting to me.

The 'SP' command for IR ports on NI units has been broken since the release of the last firmware (The previous firmware worked, and this release was supposed to fix other IR problems which I personally never ran up against).

The problem is that the command queue locks up, causing IR pulses to fail. It's not particularly consistent - it can behave for a long time, then suddenly lock for no apparent reason. I know the problem is in the queuing, because if you send just one 'CP' command, it unlocks the port. I've gotten in the habit of using CP whenever I am sending a single pulse, and then trapping commands that need to be queued (like a multi-digit channel command) by starting with a CP and finishing off with subsequent SP's, and hoping it doesn't lock up in the middle of the sequence. This pretty much means overriding the CH command. All that said, it does nothing for the cases where you can't predict how fast an IR pulse sequence will come in (like a customer mashing channel buttons). NXI's are not affected, it is strictly an NI problem with firmware 1.00.118 (not the master firmware, but the device).

In any case, this needs to get back on the radar.
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