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MAX-MMS04S and DMS?????

Installing a Max MMS04S /AOM/AVM in a site with ni-2000, as8, mvp7500 and 8 DMS kpds.

my boss was told that there is a dms interface for MAX, and I recieved a kpd file from someone at amx(see attached) .

However the demo files i have looked at (1.3 & 1.4beta) have no interface or UI definition for DMS keypads.
Is there such a thing in existance? A key factor in the client deciding on max was the alleged 'ability to browse music'

I don't know that i have enough hair left on my head to start this kind of painfull programming.(I'm not a netlinx guru yet). While i can use dms kpds, I am not skilled enough to create a interface from scratch.

I would appreciate any information or help getting started.


  • i see you haven't had a huge response.

    not an easy task doing MAX over DMS. i've never looked at the module, but i don't think i will.

    i've used DMS for control of imerge, and i only offer play/stop and select a few prenamed playlists. that's all for songs, doing video would be another issue.

    there are many hurdles to over come. it's not impossible, but expect to throw lots of hours at it.

    let me know how progress is going, i'll offer what i can when i know how you're doing. i could do a program, but my management would expect a fee of course.
  • paradigmpaulparadigmpaul Junior Member Posts: 24
    MAX Music & DMS

    Experiancing some success, I have most browse functions worked out

    and I have Alpha search on Artist working....
    still have to work on drilling down into Tracks
    and alpha search for albums

    perhaps i did not give myself enough credit to do it on my own..

    however it is do-able and there is a light at the end of the tunnel

  • excellent to see you getting into it.

    i'd be curious how many hours it ends up taking (roughly).
  • paradigmpaulparadigmpaul Junior Member Posts: 24
    Max Audio-dms

    Well Richard, It is 95% complete and that may be as good as it gets.

    It has taken about 2 weeks @ 45hours per week.

    Some hardware snafus along the way, so lets say 65 hours total dev time for little-ole-non-ACE-certified me.

    I feel good about it though, because i made it happen, when I didnt think I could and i now have a better understanding of Netlinx and Modules..

    If anyone else is trying to make it happen, PM me and i will let you know the steps I took, perhaps I could even be persuaded to share my DMS_UI.

  • thanks for that update paul,

    two weeks sounds fairly right (that's a reason i suggested my managers would need to know if i tried to start anything). and it will probably take two weeks to get the last 5% done :)

    it's no small feat what you took on there, so well done. can be hard to justify that time, but with enough dms in the system it is worth it. as a one off/one dms unit it might be best to spend the customers money on an upgrade to a CV7.

    if i get asked to do dms for max i will be knocking at your door. hopefully though it will be avoided at this end, depends on the sales staff though i guess :)

    oh, and merry xmas to all.. this is possibly my last post for 2005 :)
  • paradigmpaulparadigmpaul Junior Member Posts: 24
    Max Audio -> Dms

    well my DMS_UI is complete by this definition

    Alpha Search by artist ( 1 char search term only)
    ->browse and play selected track
    ->Play Selected Artist

    Alpha Search by Album ( 1 char search term only)
    ->browse and play selected track
    ->play Selected Album

    Browse Playlists and Play selected Playlist

    Browse Genres and Play selected Genre

    random/sequential toggle


    Display Max status on selection of MAX as an audio source

    and a few other little features ....

    Codewise, it is not the most elegant; however the interface is functional, with no obvious omissions.

    After extensive testing is completed, I will post it here for anyone else who is interested.

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