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Query TP for active VNC connection?

I'd like to query my touch panels for any active VNC connections when my master comes back online and I can't find a command for it. I do handle the string from the TPs when a client connects or ends but I often find when I'm working remotely I often drop my vnc after the master goes offline following a file transfer or I'll connect to a TP during the idle time before it boots back up. What I'm playing with depends on whether it's a local button push or a remote button push and it's not a big deal but if there's a command to query this I'll use it otherwise I'll just live with few times this will ever be an issue for me.


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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    I wonder if this might be handled with a custom_event? This a a great question.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I sort of looked at that, as I find custom event IDs I make note of them in my system constants.axi and these are all I have listed so far:
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1001]      // Text
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1002]      // Bitmap
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1003]      // Icon
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1004]      // Text Justification
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1005]      // Bitmap Justification
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1006]      // Icon Justification
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1007]      // Font
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1008]      // Text Effect Name
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1009]      // Text Effect Color
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1010]      // Word Wrap
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1011]      // ON state Border Color
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1012]      // ON state Fill Color
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1013]      // ON state Text Color
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1014]      // Border Name
    CUSTOM_EVENT[TP,529,1015]      // Opacity
    I only use two of the available custom events presently and there may be more that I haven't found yet.
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