Difference between Serial and Data for IR

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Anyone know the difference between the Serial mode and Data mode for IR?


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    It's probably easiest to think about this from under the hood. In both cases, the IR port is simply sending a series of electrical pulses (on and off) With IR there are a prescribed series of pulses at a certain frequency that translate into on/off flashes that are interpreted as binary (ne: hexidecmal) numbers. With serial, the pulses are set to frequencies that a standard rs232 port understands. but it's still just binary/hex values being inturpreted on the other end.

    the IR port is one-way. So also is the port when set to serial. you can send but not receive.
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    NZRob wrote: »
    Anyone know the difference between the Serial mode and Data mode for IR?

    From memory the three modes are as follows:

    IR: Usual mode for controlling equipment that has an IR receiver using an IR bud.
    Serial: *Not* one way TTL level serial. Rather, an inverted IR pulse train for controlling some equipment with "wired IR" ports.
    Data: This *is* one way TTL level serial which will control most devices with an RS232 or TTL serial port.

    My memory is hazy on the "Serial" mode - I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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