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NXD-500i and 700i Dogs???


It seems that the NXD-500i and 700i do EVERYTHING slower than all other G4 Modero panels. This includes project loading, boot time, response under traffic and even response to touch with panel-generated feedback sounds. Direct comparison with same code and network to NXD-1000Vi, NXT-CV7 and show a huge discrepancy.

Has anyone else noticed sluggishness with NXD-500i and 700i?



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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    hmmm... I guess I honestly haven't noticed. I did a system a while back where there were over 100 500s and 80 700s on the same rig. the system had 5 masters all M2M-ed together and the panels split fairly evenly around. There were a smattering of 10" panels as well as 25 little Wall G3s. I didn't really notice any sluggishness. In this particular system the panels were'n actually doing much at all. Basically one page with a few popups. I think each file had something like 50 or so buttons. So, no heavy lifting involved. You could, I suppose, do a quick benchmark test to know for sure. (not that such info would be helpful)

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    I subbed in a pair of 700i's replacing CV7's when I added intercom in my home a couple years ago, and honestly was surprised at the SPEED INCREASE in responsiveness, brightness, accuracy of touch calibration, and image clarity. I did not and have not since noticed any change in load speed or boot time... and frankly, I think I would, since my home is also reality test lab #1 for our projects after they pass the smoke test... changing as often as daily. (And our projects have hundreds of pages/pops with thousands of buttons and over 1,500 bitmaps.)

    I have noted wide differences in boot time across different firmwares on many panels. Well, wide meaning about maybe 1 minute vs 1.5 minutes, which seems wide while you stare at the panel waiting.
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    I have 3 CV-7s and a 500i in my house and I've noticed the same things as TurnipTruck. The 500i looks the best, but it's definitely the pokiest performer.
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    I'm glad somebody noticed. Unfortunately, I believe I am going to have to file this under the heading of "Nothing I can do about it."
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