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SAVANT Gui replication

Has anyone replicated TrueImage option in Savant with AMX TPC App. Here is the Savant video showing the feature


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    That "feature" is one of the things they've touted since the beginning. When I first saw it I was impressed since I had done a similar thing on my UI. It was quite a pain in that I had to do a ton of camera work; taking multiple pictures of a room with the lights off, then ech light individually on. Then I had to do a bunch of work in Photoshop to cut up the image so there were no overlapping light fields and so forth. It was a pain but it did look cool.

    So, when I saw Savant's version I thought it would be easy-peasy right? Nope, you basically do it the same way. Take a bunch of pictrues or artificially create a lighted lamp in Photoshop.

    But, in either case, doing it is nothing more than creating buttons with graphics files of a picture with the light(s) off in the'off' state and on in the 'on' state. the trick is to get good with making the image slices consistent. (And make sure you have a slammin' tripod for the camera)
  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    Oh - and another nice thing about that "feature" is the headache it will give you when the client decides to rearrange the the furniture. It's the gift that keeps on giving...
  • trobertstroberts Posts: 228
    I have made a slight replica of the Savant TrueImage programming. Basically just shows the on and off of bulbs/loads, but not dimmed states also shows shades and text over a TV to show current source. Just a decent amount of photo shop and lighting programming with individual load feedback, then I am just using on and off feedback to show the correct bulb state. I'd love to show an example just I do not have the client's permission to show the images.
  • I have a basic lighting layout in all the light control panels for auditoriums I support. But it's just done with simple buttons (round or square, cans or florescent) and on/off feedback. Some with dimmers require level sliders, in those cases I don't create a map of the lights, just put the sliders on the panel somewhere. It gets the message across without being overly complex in terms of graphics development.
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