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DXlink TX module problems

I have a customer that is experiencing an odd problem with the DX-TX module. The unit is located at a podium and is connected to both an HDMI input (Blu-ray player) and a laptop using the VGA port. Auto-select has been disabled for both video and audio. When switching inputs from the panel, for HDMI the VI7O6 command is issued followed by AUDIN_FORMAT-HDMI. When switching to VGA the VI8O6 command is followed by the AUDIN_FORMAT-ANALOG command.

The switch will work properly for a while and then will stop passing audio when the Laptop is selected. The only solution that we have found to reset the box is to do a reboot. This takes about 45 seconds, so it is not something that works in this classroom environment. During a presentation, the input will need to be switched between the two several times.

I was thinking that this was a cumulative kind of thing, so I added code to do a reboot when the projector was turned on. This fit time-wise since the projector takes about a minute to warm up.

Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem.

I'm late getting into this whole issue. The program was written by someone else who tried to fix things, followed by someone who was allegedly from AMX, and then me. The customer did say that they had tried updating firmware (possibly with a hot-fix) which either didn't fix the problem or caused a worse problem.

Naturally, this is all happening on a super-secure government installation so getting in and working the problem is difficult since there are no phone or outside access available.

Has anyone seen this before and know of a solution?



  • Have you looked at the AUDIN_FORMAT_AUTO command? If it has been set to Enable then it may switch back to the Blu-Ray. Do you hear any audio coming from the sources when it goes into this fault?
  • No, I haven't tried that but it is worth a shot.

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