HELP! NX-3200 runs after several hours later then go offline

zhujy09zhujy09 Junior MemberPosts: 16
NX-3200 runs after several hours later then go offline.
MSD-431 or iPad won't be able to connect to the NX-3200.


  • J DonachiueJ Donachiue Junior Member Posts: 9
    I have the same issue with NX-1200 and an iPad.
    I get to site and have to reboot either the NX-1200 or the network switch.

    I have nearly the identical setup in another room and it has the same problem.
  • zhujy09zhujy09 Junior Member Posts: 16
    AMX Technical Support gave me the HOT FIX download link, and told me" Load those and test system. It should run better".
    I downloaded the HOT FIX file. When I am on site ,I 'll give a try. Hope this would fix the issue.

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