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I am trying to control lighting with C-BUS using RS-232 connection.I am using AMX module to control the lights. When i am initializing the module for some time lights are working but after some time they are not working. When i am reinitializing there is no reply from the device.its only responding with the same strings which i am sending. when I am sending the direct command to the C-Bus its replying with g.86F1F1003B5035A.

Any idea about this?



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    I have seen similar things when you use the pre molded RS232 cable that comes with the C-bus interface. Only use a cable that had pins 2,3 and 5 connected.
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    Are you sure the CBUS network is stable and functioning (correct number of burdens etc. any errors in the cbus toolkit log) we have used the module on several projects without fail over tcp and 232.
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