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Random IR and Panel Beeps

davegrovdavegrov Junior MemberPosts: 114
Late last night my MXT700 panel starts beeping during the night. This morning as I begin to troubleshoot it I'm finding out that my IR port 1 is firing randomly causing panel beeps on the one MXT700 in the system. Has anyone experienced this problem? Rebooting the processor and the panel have not fixed the problem. I'm going to try a firmware reload on the panel first.

Thank You
David Groves
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  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,563
    Check your power supplies.
  • davegrovdavegrov Junior Member Posts: 114

    Thanks for the reply. This MXT700 is on a night stand with an AMX PoE Adapter in line from the wally to the panel. I did a firmware update and the panel stopped acting on its own for about 12 hours. I did notice that it is only doing one button push,i.e 10005:2:1-Button 8. I'll clean the screen and try again.
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