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Globally set Parameter threshold

Hi all

I was wondering if there was any way to globally set Parameter thresholds for assets in RMS?
E.g. say one have 50 rooms, and each room have 3 assets (panel, dvx and screen)

Now by default e.g. online connection status gives an alert instantly if there is no communication with e.g. the screen. Now this isnt very usefull in my eyes, I would like a little delay before the alert goes.

So e.g I want to use the "delay" function in the threshold and say e.g. 5 min. Thus there has to have been at least 5 minutes without communcation before the alarm sets off.
This is easily done for each asset. But to do this manually for each asset is a pain when you have a large installation.

Isnt there any way to globally set parameter threshold for e.g. connection status for all assets?


  • Call this function in RMS API

    (* Name: RmsAssetParameterThresholdEnqueueEx *)
    (* Args: -see method signature below- *)
    (* *)
    (* Desc: This function is used to add an asset parameter *)
    (* threshold on the asset parameter currently *)
    (* pending in the asset parameter registration queue*)
    (* *)
    (* This EXTENDED function accepts the data structure*)
    (* RmsAssetParameterThreshold as an argument. *)
    (* *)
    (* Rtrn: 1 if call was successful *)
    (* 0 if call was unsuccessful *)
    DEFINE_FUNCTION CHAR RmsAssetParameterThresholdEnqueueEx(CHAR assetClientKey[],
    CHAR parameterKey[],
    RmsAssetParameterThreshold threshold)

    Or write your own version using the ASSET.PARAM.THRESHOLD command directly to the RMS device. ASSET.PARAM.THRESHOLD-
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