Diagnostic error from NX-2200

MorgoZMorgoZ Junior MemberPosts: 116
I'm continously receiving this message on diagnostics from a NX-2200

Line 2 (11:50:14):: GetNumber - Error 1 Tk=0x0000
Line 3 (11:50:14):: Ref Error ? Index 0
Line 4 (11:50:14):: Ref Error ? Index 0
Line 5 (11:50:14):: Ref Error ? Index 0
Line 6 (11:50:14):: Ref Error ? Index 0

What does it mean? How could i solve it?



  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,348
    Somewhere in your code you're trying to get a value from a variable array index position but your index value hasn't been set. X = nMyVarArray[y] where y is 0 because it hasn't been given a value yet by your code.

    If it just started look for var arrays idex pointers in recent work that might not be getting set before being called, might have to comment out sections to narrow down the s particular section or even comment out axi includes to narrow it down even broader before commenting out sections.
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