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Enova DVX-3155HD problems with the integrated switcher

I encountered a strange issue working with the Enova DVX-3155HD.

I hope that the firmware update that has been released at the beginning of August 2015 could solve, anyway I want to know if someone has encountered similar issues.

- output 1 (HDMI) of the switcher is set to show input 5 (HDMI)
- output 2 (HDMI) of the switcher is set to show input 6 (HDMI)
- output 1 is connected to projector 1 (HDMI input)
- output 2 is connected to projector 2 (HDMI input)
- all work well: I see the expected signals on the projectors

In certain cases both the projectors are temporarily set to show the DVI input sources, not the HDMI ones;
when the projectors are then re-set to show the HDMI input signals I would expect to see the same signals I saw before the switch (input 5 and input 6).
However, when coming back to HDMI input, the projectors display blank (blue) signals.

The integrated switcher answers to query commands, but trying to re-send VI switching comands (e.g., VI5O1) seems to not work.
Notice that querying the switcher I can see that the associations are correct (input 5 to output1, input 6 to output 2). Also the projectors are correctly set to display HDMI sources.
If I reboot the Enova, then I see correctly the associated signals.
So I suspect that the integrated switcher has some bugs and/or some HDMI (EDID) issues appear.

Any hints from your experience?



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    I've had a similar experience. We found disabling the use of a "logo" on the DVX returned the system back to normal operation. If you're using a custom logo under the "Blank Color/Logo" option, try just using a color instead.
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