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AMX Home ?

I had to extract a program today from an abandoned system and I've found what appears to be an AMX Home program trying to run this 14k sq foot home. The dealer is long gone and it seems a lot of folks have been messing with the system to the point where nothing works, the cabling is the biggest rat nest I've ever seen and even the Wi-Fi AP that connected the Theater's MVP-8400 is MIA. I was able to extract the program via the program port which consisted of 1 Main.axs and 60 various .axi's so I created an APW but it won't compile since these 2 (so far) includes are missing: __Editable Include Files.axi and _Editable Custom.axi. How can these two files be missing? I believe the 1st missing axi is the one that calls most of the other .axi's. Most include files are _editable xx yy and haven't been touched so I could probably go through them all, create my own __Editable INlcude file including the other includes that have been modified and go from there.

Anyone with AMX Home experience want to divulge any of it's secrets. I neglected to ftp the master for any written files and in glancing at the __Editable Database Parameter.axi there could be many. I just don't get how this could have been working and what could have happened to these two files.

I know I shouldn't even get involved with this mess but if I don't it will be another AMX system turned into something else with name recognition in the resi market.


  • tbelltbell Posts: 10
    It looks like AMX Living. How old is the system?
    The "editable Include Files.axi" just tells the main code which of the 60+ include files you extracted to use. the editable custom is just an axi that allows customizing certain button presses and is probably in the main code to include already.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I pretty much figured that out in my 5 minutes of looking at this code but how can these files be missing from the extraction, how could have been sent w/o compiling and it won't compile with out them.
  • tbelltbell Posts: 10
    PM sent to you
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