NX3200/4200 Network Communication Loss

We have installed over 100 systems with NX3200/4200 this year and about 5% of them we're experiencing network communication loss between NX series Master and Touch Panel.
With the NI series, we don't have issue at all.
NX series masters and MXT-1000 touch panels are directly connected via Ethernet Port or ICSLAN Port.
Has anyone else experienced this issue??


  • sonny275sonny275 Junior Member Posts: 17
    Additional Info: System works without any issue initially, then after a day or so, system start experiencing network comm failure.
  • a_riot42a_riot42 AMX Wizard Posts: 1,619
    I have done about 2 dozen NX controllers, and haven't seen this.
  • sonny275sonny275 Junior Member Posts: 17
    I expected more people encountering this issue, little surprised it is not.
  • RaphayoRaphayo Junior Member Posts: 111
    Did you have a lot of stuff in define_program section? NX controllers didn't like it.
  • sonny275sonny275 Junior Member Posts: 17
    No, absolutely no programming statements at all under define_program/mainline section.
  • sonny275sonny275 Junior Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the response Raphayo.
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