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SDK 4.3.22 Can't see asset

I just moved from RMS 3.3 to RMS ENT .
I used RMS SDK 4.3.22 after upgrading my Ni-700 to firmware 4.X and reprogrammed my code to implement RMS ENT .I get the room but I dont get the assets I added (I'm using Netlinx Modules RmsNlVideoProjectorMonitor.axs)
Like Video Projector Asset . I see just master 0:1:0 and Controller device 5001:1:0.in assets section nothing else.
DEFINE_MODULE 'RmsNlVideoProjectorMonitor' mdlRmsVideoProjectorMonitorMod(vdvRMS, vdvProjector, dvProjector);

is there anything else should be added to register this asset ?

Thanks in advance


  • I realized what was missing .
    I didn't make initialization for virtual devices

    Now I got it working
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