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Wireless control of IR devices

Hi, I have a client who wants to add IR devices (LED TV, Set top box, apple TV) in his TV Room to his existing AMX control system. The NI-3100 is placed in a rack underneath the stairs. We cannot lay any IR or LAN cables due to various reasons such as no conduits or areas to lay cables, also cannot have them exposed (house aesthetics, children).

If I were to control all IR devices using a global cache unit (IP2IR) which is in turn connected to first wireless router and my NI 3100 to another wireless router , would i then be able to control these IR devices.
I would like to know if i could use two wireless routers (bridging) to do this job. Please see attached image.

Else should I be looking at Power line adapters. Please advise.


Img.png 115.5K


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    Moreover, GC has WIFI products that do the same thing without needing ROUTER 2. Just like a wifi panel.
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