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Can AMX Masters Calculate Muslim Pray Times?

I discovered some interesting questions from the people who are working in the AV Industry specially in the Middle East if AMX Master can calculate Muslim praying time.

I was informed by some AV System Integrator in the Middle East that there are some requirements in there projects specifically from Commercial and Government sector is to have have the AMX master automatically notify the individual when pray times come using the Public Address which will broadcast the azan sound for notification. Unfortunately, big percentage of population of AV System Integrators failed to get any useful information that could help them calculating pray times with the AMX masters. What they were able to do is to notify the individual for the pray time either manually (a person pressing on a button on the touch panel at pray time) or by getting the pray times (calculated already) from a web-server and do the notifications based on that. In both case the AMX master didn't do the calculation process it just received information manually from somewhere else, shortly AV Integrators didn't maximize the capability of the AMX Master Controllers.

Now, the question is... Can AMX master calculate Muslim pray times? The answer should be "YES!", because AMX simplifies everything. AMX master is a fully programmable master where you can program it do anything as long as you know how to write the proper AMX code for that. But there is still few obstacle in the AMX Netlinx Framework, it doesn't have the proper base functions that help calculating the Muslim pray times, the masters already have functions built-in the framework that ca calculate sunrise and sunset times, but these are not enough, there are still 5 more pray times should be calculated (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha). So according to the capability of the AMX masters with the current framework the master will not be able to calculate Muslim pray time easily.

Is there any solution for the current situation? The answer is "YES!", since I've done some mobile application development as well as pray time notification applications before. I'm very well familiar with the specific pray time calculation requirements. Therefore, I applied this knowledge and successfully add this missing functions in the Netlinx Framework that will do the calculation natively on the AMX master. Hence, I'm glad to inform everyone that the Pray times calculation module is now available. This module will enable you to write an AMX program that will enables the AMX master to do the calculation, you just simply add the module into your AMX Program, set the calculation parameters of your city and the module will do the calculation and notify the AMX master when the pray time is approaching.

Kindly click the below link to download the module with a sample AMX program showing how to use the module.


Feel free to use the module and appreciate if you can provide your feedback.


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