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Icon font with ligatures (more than 500 icons for TP4 & TP5)

This project is inspired by this post: http://www.amxforums.com/forum/techn...erfaces/10104-

With this icon font you can add icons only writing the reference in the text field (for example, if you write _hdmi_1, you will see the HDMI icon in the button), making the icons easier to resize, change color, etc.

Attached you can find the PDF document with all the icons included in the latest version.

Please send me an email to [email protected] if you are interested in getting the font.

Version 6 update (26/09/2016):

- Added more than 100 icons.
​- Fixed some ligatures.
Version 4 update (04/01/2016):

- ​Attached the PDF of the latest font version.
- Added new icons (new gestures, radio, curtains, etc.).
Version 3 update:

- ​Attached the PDF of the latest font version.
- Added regular characters to be able to add icon and text in the same button text field.
- Added Podium icons
- Added VHS icons
- Fixed some ligatures that weren't working properly.




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