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Cisco One Button to Push Integration

AntAnt Junior MemberPosts: 54

Following a client meeting I've been asked to look into utilizing Ciscos One Button to Push feature. All VC Units are the SX Series.

From my understanding - On the Cisco custom panels users can use TMS to organise meetings and then when they arrive into the room the panel has already queued the VC call and all that is required is the user to push one button to start/join the call.

However, in a number of rooms there is more than a stand alone VC system thus requiring an AMX panel to integrate all the various bits of hardware together. The client still wants the One Button to Push feature on the AMX Panels.

Has anyone done this?

I was thinking perhaps i could remote into the Rooms Cisco Panel to allow the button to be pushed and then flip back to the AMX Control - Do you know if it is possible to remote to one of the Cisco Custom Panels?

Thanks in advance,


  • PhreaKPhreaK Senior Member Posts: 966
    There's a post over on the Cisco Communities site that gives you the run down on how to implement this on external control systems. Repost below for posterity:
    The C-series integration codecs are intended and designed for this purpose so yes this is feasible. Our own touch panel utilizes the same API as any integrator has access to. Thus there are NO limitations when using a 3rd party touch pad ? apart from having to do all the work that we have already done on our touch pad :-)

    The One Button to Push functionality that our touch pad uses is fairly simple:

    * The bookings can be ready by issuing the API command ?xcommand Bookings List?

    * Every time the bookings list is updated an event ?*e Event Bookings Updated? is reported on the API.

    * There is no explicit ?Start meeting? command. The model is that a control system/controller reads the OBTP bookings list, including the information regarding how to join the meeting and then use this as input to the normal dial command on the API

    The only tricky part in the current version of the OBTP API is that the codec will not give any notification itself regarding meetings about to start/end so that this has to be programmed in the external controller/touch pad.
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