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MXD-430 looses connection to Studio 4

Sorry - it wouldn't let me correct the topic - it is the NX-2200 that is loosing connection, not the MXD-430.

This is probably something simple but I can't find it. I have an NX2200 and I am writing a basic program. While connected, via network using Studio 4, the master drops off and the connection is lost. "Retry" may or may not reconnect. There are 2 MXD-430 touch panels attached, with current firmware.

Interesting thing is that if a set up a non stop ping while Studio is trying to connect, I can ping the master without any issue but studio keeps saying "failed to connect". This Junior programmer is stumped. I have reloaded firmware (painfully - it took several attempts), power cycled hardware and programming computer,

Sometimes it will connect right away (like 10 seconds ago) but I know it will drop the connection when I am connected and watching for button pushes etc with Notifications on. It just dropped again when I tried to do a fresh upload.

What am I missing?


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    PyroGuyPyroGuy Posts: 121
    Got it! There was a rogue, unknown device elsewhere on the network, Depending on what it was doing, it would or would not kick the master off of the network (not for long - just long enough to give me a migraine!)

    Consider this closed!
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