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NetLinx Studio 3 project file extension

I'd like to propose one last update to NS3: Alter the file association for projects from *.apw to add something else, like *.apw3 (you could even leave the existing association, just add this as a second option for the same file type). Then we can rename the old projects we want opened with NS3 and NS4 will no longer open them by default.

I'm currently dealing with some axcent3 code, and every morning like clockwork I double-click that project apw file before my brain is in gear and remember what I did wrong as soon as the warning about tpd files shows up.

Always right-clicking and picking "open with..." is a bit of a pain. And that could be avoided if NS3 just recognized some other extension for project files. I could rename the very few I need by hand and be done with it.
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