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the AMX ChristieDigital LX605

Hi All , and Happy New year ,

I tried to control the Christie Projector LX 605 direct through RS232 , I tried by sending RS232 commands and also by AMX Duet Module , but still I am not able to control , also I get Feedback form projector the below :

Line 4 (17:44:01):: String To [5001:1:1]-[CR0$0D]
Line 5 (17:44:01):: String From [5001:1:1]-[CR0$0D$0D$0A65535 00000 ERR00010 ": Syntax Error: Invalid control"]

please does anybody know the correct command or way ?

Thank you


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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Well at least your coms are good, that's a start. Post a link to or snippet of the protocol so folks who aren't familiar with Christie can see what the syntax should be.
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    GregGGregG Posts: 251
    I think the command parameter needs padding to 2 digits, i.e: CR00, not CR0


    Oops, nevermind, I was thinking of the control command C00.
    FYI- here's the protocol pdf: https://www.christiedigital.com/SupportDocs/Anonymous/020-000241-01-Christie-LX505-LX605-RS232-Serial-Communications.pdf
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    Hi Hani. You seem to be sending the right commands as per the PDF. So I don't understand why you get a syntax error.. other than maybe you are talking to a different device .. is that possible?

    There is a note in the PDF that some commands are invalid when in Standby when in ECO mode. But that doesn't explain the syntax warning.

    Maybe there is a firmware change required. Or try some alternate commands.. use Diagnostics/Control Device to manually send commands to the serial port... see if that helps define what commands work and what doesn't.

    You have sent the right command as per the docs. I'm left wondering if you are writing to the correct device. But I'm sure you've checked.

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    Hi ,Richard you are right , it was different device ,I programmed by team viewer , and the projector was changed , thank you all , for your support
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