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PolycomHDX9002_Comm_dr2_0_0 Global Phonebook only returns 1000 recs...

PolycomHDX9002_Comm_dr2_0_0 Global Phonebook only returns 1000 recs even though it reports there are 1145 recs.
The PHONEBOOKEND event never happens...

Anyone else have this happen


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    It's obvious that the limit is something internal to the module. I cannot say one way or the other - but it might be worth your time to make a phone call to AMX Tech Support and Engineering. At one time, it was possible to get them to tweak a module for stuff like this since it is obviously just a choice made on the size of the data array chosen in the module. It's not a lot of work for them to jump in and tweak the size and it wouldn't result in a huge hit on resources.

    I say "Used to" but don't know if the new climate will result in the same tweak. But, one can always ask.
  • Thank you for the response Eric.
    I called AMX TS on Thursday and have not heard back.
    I just thought I would check in with the forum to see if anyone else has run into the issue.
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