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Upgrading Axcent 3 to Ni-3000

This is my first upgrading of an Axcent 3 to NI-3000. Looking at the program I see that I only need to change the device addresses to the D:P:S standard.

The code complies (Netlinx) without errors.

I figure it's just pulling the Axcent, installing the NI-3000, load the program and everything should be fine.

I know it can't be this easy.....what am I missing? What's the logical approach?

I don't want to bring a knife to a gunfight.

Thanks for any input



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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Actually, it very well could be that easy. It won't be taking advantage of the code features in NetLinx, like timelines, event handlers, and multi-threading (well, pseudo-multi-threading) though. But if ou are looking for a quick controller replacement, it should do.

    The only thing I can think of off-hand is if you are using medium waits in your Axcess code. In Axcess, they timed out on their own, in NetLinx, they act like longs.
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    If you're using DEFINE_COMBINE, you need to add a virtual device to your DEFINE_DEVICE section and make sure that that virtual device is the first item in the DEFINE_COMBINE statement.

    I thought there were a couple other Axcess keyword caveats, but I'm neither remembering them right this instant nor finding them online.

    Speaking of online, doing a search on "axcess netlix" on AMX's tech note database turns up a handful of documents, a few of which address things to look for and/or keep in mind when going from one platform to the other.

    - Chip
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    annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    String constants

    One thing that had me stumped for a few days were how string constants are declared. The example is for Hitachi projectors, ON command.

    strProjOn = "$BE,$EF,$03,$06,$00,$BA,$D2,$01,$00,$00,$60,$01,$00"

    strProjOn[] = {$BE,$EF,$03,$06,$00,$BA,$D2,$01,$00,$00,$60,$01,$00}

    It's just a syntax issue, but it had me thinking that my serial ports / cables were flakey. From what I can recall, the compiler didn't generate an error, leading me to believe that my code was okay.

    It is probably documented somewhere, but I was too busy trying to get the swap done to hunt for such differences. I learnt my lesson. :)

    Roger McLean.
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    PLease check the SET BAUD commands. In AXcent3, the 'SET BAUD' commands are done in DEFINE_START.

    In NetLinx, these commands should be done in DATA_EVENTs ONLINE.
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    KouyaKouya Posts: 60
    Upgrading Axcent 3 to Ni-3000

    Thanks to all for sharing some valuable info

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