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http digest authentication onelan digital signage

hi, i need to control onelan player but work only with xml command only after a http digest authentication. someone can help me whit digest authentication?



  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Try coonnecting to the server and captures its initial response it should contain an authentication challenge header which will give you clue to what you need to do, might be as simple as an MD5 encyption of the set login password.
  • this is thrue, but i have a problem with md5 from modmedia. the first (HA1) and the second (HA2") encryption is ok. but response encryption is wrong. i check the string and is the same of the other software i used for test. can you see in my image.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    No image? Modmedia? Do you mean AMXs Modpedia forum? If you go to this link in modpedia there's a zip file for an ehternet power controller module which required md5 encryption. In it should be a .tko file that does encryption that I got from AMXJeff and in the rest of that module you can see how I used it. Don't know of any other MD5 encyption code written for AMX, maybe this will help you.

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