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Get page name OR get/get pages using channels and addresses

I am trying to make my server agnostic about TP page selection but I do want to save the selection of each TP's current page and restore it upon reconnection (within some time frame). I can think of two ways this might work although I can't find the language/command support needed, I think:

1. Get a page name (opposite of "PAGE-" command), perhaps something like "?PAGE", if that existed.
2. Use channels and addresses and give each page a number. In this case, I need a way to change pages based on the address of the page.

Does anyone know whether I've missed anything or have any other ideas as to how I might accomplish server-side agnostic page state saving?

Thanks in advance,


  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    The command you are after is `TPAGEON`. Sending this to a touch panel will enable page tracking - every time a page or popup is changes it'll shoot a string to the master, which you can then capture and track.
  • Cool. Thanks for the reply, Phreak!
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