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Code folding bug fix

I see this issue has been raised in "suggestions for future versions of Studio", but I would like to raise the profile of this thoroughly annoying bug. Folding on WAITs might be a good feature for some programmers, but more use of timelines has considerably reduced my use of WAITs.
So there should be folding options, and it should work properly!
I understand the fix has been flagged for the next release, but when will that be? It needs fixing now.


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    I have the same problem with Code Fold and it has rendered the fold feature useless. If you look at the screen shot you can see it swalllows up the events and hides many things. There are 10-15 functions that are hidden between the last one shown and the start. All I can do is turn off fold and see one block at a time. I wrote a web site contact form three weeks ago about this but I have heard no answer (no receipt I sent anything too).

    I will watch for any clues

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