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lifesize Icon 800 Modules

Hello All ,

did anybody used Icon800 AMX modules ?
I used , most of function work good except Input Select , for example when I send command "INPUTSELECT-1" to Module the video conference switch to input 1 and when you send "INPUTSELECT-2" it switch to input 3 , so did anybody figure out what is problem ?


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    AntAnt Posts: 54

    If you telnet into the unit you should be able to query all its available commands. Attached is the Lifesize 600 command set.

    Looks like the 600 uses...

    Auto videoPresentationSource input:int32
    Switches presentation input
    input - Presentation input
    1 Input 1
    2 Input 2
    3 Input 3
    4 Input 4
    _rv - Return status

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