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Setting MST431 HostName in Network Device Addressing... Fails

I have tried multiple times to set MST431 HostName in Network Device Addressing... and it always Fails.

I can set HostName for Controllers and DxLink boxes, but it never seems to take with the TP.
Anyone else run into this issue?

I have to enter this into the TP via the tiny screen. Have to do this 80+ times... A real pain in the butt.


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    chillchill Posts: 186
    I've never even attempted to do it this way. Why not just telnet to each panel and `set ip`? Much easier, especially when you have many panels.
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    Thank you for the response chill.

    I have been doing it this way, this too does not seem to stick.
    A reboot and it is back to the default of localhost.

    I am wondering if it is only with the MST431.
    It has FW 2.106.37 the latest available....
    Confused and frustrated...
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