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I had the unfortunate displeasure of being put in the hospital for about a week and wasn't able to get my lab equipment unplugged before I went in but out local utility had several days of surges due to cutting in new substations for solar plants being installed so I lost my NI-2000, NI-2100, and CV7s that I used to programming and testing. Being an independent programmer means everything comes out of my pocket when it comes to my lab equipment and with the new NX processors coming out would like some advice from others before I start making any purchases so... what would you recommend processor and TP wise for a programming lab? If I do end up with G4 panels again, would I be able to do enough testing on G5 projects that I wouldnt have to be on site so long?

I greatly appreciate your input and advice!


  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Get an NX processor since any system going forward will use those so you should get to know their qwerks. As far as G5 goes I've never used one and probably never will but if you're doing commercial, boardroom type installs you might but it's still a toss up between the MX G4s series and the G5. The MS series is fine too but the main thing is to get something even if's a $150 CV10 off of ebay just so you can continue to work at programming.
  • Some developers are leveraging the Windows 8 version of TPControl for the most flexibility in terms of panel resolution sizes in a single application. http://touchpanelcontrol.com/products/win8.html As with purchasing a dedicated appliance, there are certain limitations -- namely only support for G4 panel files. However, this would be a superior choice to buying one panel of each resolution you may encounter. The CV7 used to be perfect because the 800x480 resolution was quite common in the product line. Now, almost every touch panel model in the X and S lines have different resolutions to contend with.
  • If you want a DVX-2155 or NI-3101, I still have some retired training equipment available for sale: https://training.harmanpro.com/Files/Misc/Training_Equipment_Fire_Sale15.pdf
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