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Controlling a Eagle Eye 3 Polycom camera

Has anybody controlled this new camera yet? I can control it, but saving presets is not working. I am not going through a polyccom, going direct.

Is there a protocol somewhere?


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    MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226
    Looks like you will have to use the AMX EagleEyeIII module that they have their website, according to a post from Polycom the direct protocol is only available to 3rd party manufacturers like AMX and Cre$tron as per legal agreement.
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    GregGGregG Posts: 251
    The problem with the AMX module (back when I used it) is that it will read out pan/tilt/zoom level values which it cannot return to when you send them back. So only a limited range of position values will be savable. I don't know if they have updated the module since we used it (in Reno? right Mark?)
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    SamkAMXSamkAMX Posts: 29
    Here are commands via Polycom if you want to try:
    preset near go 1
    preset near set 1
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