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Netlinx 3.5.1516 version "Collapse all fold levels " problem

I've installed the latest version of the Netliinx Studio 3.5.1519. When "folder collapse all levels" clicked on the picture. not completely collected. waits and remain open some lines. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
thank you...


  • No solution as of yet.

    In the immortal words of many software companies
    "It's not a bug, it's a feature"
  • GregGGregG Posts: 251
    pdabrowski wrote: »
    "It's not a bug, it's a feature"

  • Isn't the latest version 4.3.1519? The code folding for waits still does not work properly though.

    It seems to me that the nested folding is the problem.
  • 44necati44necati Posts: 2
    pardon! version will be 4.5.1519. I typed wrong. 3.5 t everything is working normally.
  • DraugarDraugar Posts: 27
    When I was at programmer 2 in november I made sure my instructor got this information. What causing this is the WAIT function, and may I add that I have seen that when "closing a WAIT", more code have been hidden, not only from { to }, but even next clamp as well, so be aware of this. If you have a wait in your claps, don't close the clamps, neither for the wait or the clamps containing the wait.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    In fairness, code folding in other development environments is equally flaky.
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