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Peer-to-peer setup for SIP for SIP ready Panels

Has anyone tried setting up a peer to peer setup using an AMX SIP ready panel and SIP door station. Does AMX SIP ready panels or TPC app support peer to peer calls. Here is the definition for peer to peer setup.

Peer-to-peer setup ? the simple way A SIP system can take many forms. In its simplest form, the system consists of two or more SIP User Agents (UA) communicating directly with each other. This can be called a peer-to-peer setup, a direct call setup or local setup. A typical SIP address in this case would look like sip: , for example, sip: In order to make a peer-to-peer call from one UA to another on a local network all that is needed is the SIP address containing the unit?s IP address. Note that not all SIP clients support peer-to-peer calls.


  • gsmithgsmith Posts: 59
    AMX panels do not support SIP peer to peer. I don't know whether or not TPC does.
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