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Can I use the "SW" ports on an SDX 510/514 to read contact closure?

After perusing the documentation, it says those button inputs can trigger a connected master's data event, so it looks like the answer is Yes. Does anyone out there have one working like this?


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    MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226
    Seems like it after reading the manual, but I have not never used an SDX yet though.
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    I'll have to get it working soon enough, will report back when I do!
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    UPDATE: I kinda sorta have this working, but it's more complicated than I originally thought. By default, the switch contact readers on the back of the SDX-510 are in "DIRECT" mode, meaning a button press just triggers an input change, it doesn't necessarily report back to the controller as a button push, but I do get video switch confirmation from the switch. To get the contact readers working as simple contact readers, reporting back a button push or release to the controller without triggering an input switch, you have to issue the switch the "EXTERNAL_BUTTON_ACTION-CYCLE" command. I believe this only works when the switch is also in manual switch mode, but I haven't backtracked and confirmed that.

    Once the switch is in MANUAL mode and CYCLE mode, switch contact inputs 3 and 5 show up as Button Event Pushes and Releases (not channel events) without provoking any other switching action in the controller.

    The other hard part was getting polarity matched with the *other* device (the lighting controllers themselves) that are already reading contact closure from the occ sensor.

    End result is I'm using a bunch of SDX-510-DM units, one per room, connected to a master NX-3200, and I've got occupancy sensor being read in each room from contact read channel 5 in the SDX being passed to the master controller, which auto powers down devices in each room a short time after occupancy sensing drops. Gonna save a lamp hour or two with this.
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