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Changing Touch Panel ID

Is there a way to me to change the Touch Panel Device ID from telnet?

I know you can do it through the set up pages if you are in front of it.

Unfortunately I am not near the panel. It is a remote site.

Kenny A


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    vincenvincen Posts: 526

    If it's a G3 panel or older no way to do that excepted SETUP Pages on Panel itself :(

    With G4 panels, if it's connected on network with a valid IP adress, and Telnet is enabled in Setup, you can telnet to it, issue a SET DEVICE command, it will ask you password (1988) and then you can enter new device id. Then issue a REBOOT command to get panel with new ID ;)

    Hope it helps

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    kennyannkennyann Posts: 113
    Thank you for helping me out. It worked great

    Kenny A
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