Studio won't connect although iPads will

imsocoimsoco Junior MemberPosts: 46
I just checked in on our processor at our showroom and the system was running fine, then studio went off line. After rebooting the processor several times, flipping dip switch one on the NI 3100 to disable the running program, changing out the network cable, the processor still would not stay on line with studio. I used a different computer with a wireless connection to the network without any change. At first it would connect and stay connected for a bit, then it would not connect at all.
OK, now the strange stuff. If I listened for masters on line, it would show up. I would use that connection, but no joy. In the mean time, my iPad running tp control stayed connected and would reconnect within 5 seconds or a reboot. With dip switch one flipped up disabling the program, it still ran the program. I could control devices.
A brick?


  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,487
    Be really sure you don't have another processor or other device at the same IP address and your NI. Otherwise, it does sound toasty.
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