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54 Mbps Wireless-G cards for Modern 8200 panels

bobbob Posts: 296
Guys, got here some 54 Mbps Wireless-G cards with decent WPA/WPA2 and AES/TKIP authentication for the Modero 7500, 8200, 8200i panels.
They are not available any longer and there a lot of panels with only WEP and 11 Mbps wireless - if anyone is interested, please send me a PM.


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702
    You mean 8400 and 8400i not 8200 (NOR 5200 OR ITS KIN).
    These CF sized radio cards also work in CV5 CV7, and CV10 older panels... just plug and it works....
    Note that the original cards from AMX had a plug-in wire antenna extension, which was said to violate FCC type acceptance rules and isn't found on the non-AMX version of the same card. They still work well...
  • bobbob Posts: 296
    Absolutely, thanks for the correction. Those cards are non-AMX and thus without the loose antenna wire, however, they have a metal corpus which is used as an antenna providing excellent reception and signal quality, so no hassle with the antenna wire. They are plug and play operation and recognized as genuine AMX cards.

    I couldn't correct the topic subject - could a mod please help. Thanks!
  • bobbob Posts: 296
    I still have a couple of those, if anyone is interested, please drop me a PM.
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