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Problems learning a remote with IRIS - Cisco 8485DVB cable box

bobbob Posts: 296
Hi guys,

Using the IRIS I am trying to read in the IR codes for a Cisco 8485DVB cable box to no avail! Every other remote I try can be read in, just this one I can't get learned by the IRIS! Tried almost everything, short press, long press, etc. I even set the Logitech Harmony Touch to this device and tried it with the IRIS but no luck at all.

Anyone by any chance has an IRL file for the Cisco 8485 or 8455 cable box? Any other hints what I might try?
Thanks very much!


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    You may need to put the IRIS into "Special" mode. I don't have the manual in front of me but I think you hold the upper "Outer" buttons for 3 seconds or something to put into the mode. The idea being that it captures the code 3 or 4 times before error checking. Look in the manual for how to set it up in this mode.
  • bobbob Posts: 296
    Hi Eric - yes, I did this. And it captures something but then the channels in the IRL file do not work. I have even changed the IR flasher, the controller port, put a new IR flasher on another conroller, all without luck. The IRL file is being populated, the captured commands just do not work with that ** Cisco box. Any ideas?
  • bobbob Posts: 296
    Got it!!

    The device IR receiver was on a different spot - it was absolutely not visible and also not properly marked. By detaching the IR flasher from the device, holding it a couple of inches away from the display and pressing buttons on the TP, I was able to locate the proper location!! Phew...
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