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Annoying Forum Site Error - autosave fails

This is really annoying. Most of the time the autosave feature fails and provokes this error, while I'm in the middle of trying to type something. Any possibility someone could check into this?


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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Are you using Edge? I've seen that too in Edge but not Chrome or IE or Mozilla. There are a lot of things that don't work in Edge so I try to avoid using it.
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    DarksideDarkside Posts: 345
    Seen on FF V45.0 today - exactly the same and very annoying!
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    I've seen this in Chrome on MacOS, Safari in MacOS, and Explorer in Win7/32. Haven't tested others yet. The autosave works sometimes, and fails sometimes, in all browsers that I've used for AMX Forums.

    BTW sorry for the 3 copies of attachments; I was testing different attachment sizes (thumb, small, med, large...) and didn't realize it would keep re-attaching the whole file until I posted and then viewed my post.
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    Grrrr..... Was just posting an update to my latest RMS thread, was getting auto-save errors, then the website just arbitrarily logged me out, while I was typing. Since auto-save was getting errors anyway, everything I typed in got lost. I'm so disappointed in the attention Harmon has given to this forum; I feel like they view it as nothing more than an annoying holdover from the AMX days. Grrrr....

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